Co-ordination: Juan Puigdefabregas EEZA (CSIC)

Jose Maria Garcia Ruiz IPE - Zaragoza (CSIC)
Bernardo Alvera IPE - Jaca (CSIC)
Francesc Gallart IJA (CSIC)
Victor Castillo CEBAS (CSIC)
Silvio Martinez IGE (CSIC)
Maria Jose Martin CINDOC (CSIC)
Teresa Mendizabal CSIC - central organization
Joaquin Melia Dpto. Termodinámica (Universidad de Valencia)
Francisco Lopez Bermudez Dpto. Geografía Física (Universidad de Murcia)
Susanne Schnabel Dpto. Geografía, Universidad de Extremadura
Ana Iglesias Fundación Premio Arce (ETSI Agrónomos de Madrid)


System Dynamics

Silvio Martínez Vicente

Instituto de Economía y Geografía
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Phone: 0034914111098 +231
Fax: 0034915625567

The aim of this group is to explore through a family simulation models, named Hispamed, the dynamic of desertification in Spain due to different causes. On many ocassions deserts are the result of innappropiate human activity. To show this, sustainable development and natural resources over-use are compared. In this kind of situations variables change along the time, there are many factors (economic, environmental, social) implicated and there are feedbacks so the final results are not easily forecasted. The System Dymanics is a fit tool to analyze this problem and it is used through the software Vensim. Desertification by salination (Hispamed-Dessal) has been the first model of the family. The nucleus of the model reflects the confrontation producing by increasing the amount of irrigated land in order to increase short-term agriculture income, as opposed to an alternative strategy of less intensive use of water aimed at longterm sustainable development. In other simulation models the subject will be overgrazing, forestal fire, inappropiate crops and lands abandonment getting a global idea of the desertification processes.

Javier Ibañez Puerta,
Jaime Martínez Valderrama,