Post-doc researcher (JAE program, CSIC)

Postal Adress:

Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

Carretera de Sacramento, s/n

E- 04120 - La Cañada de San Urbano (Almeria), Spain 

Tel. +34 950281045 ext. 776
Fax +34 950277100


Academic achievements


Research interests:

I work on Evolutionary Ecology, and I participated in some research lines:


Journal of Avian Biology

Smaller distance between nest contents and cavity entrance increases risk of ectoparasitism in cavity-nesting birds

Journal of Avian Biology

Interspecific variation in deterioration and degradability of avian feathers: the evolutionary role of microorganisms

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Ornamental Throat Feathers Predict Telomere Dynamic and Hatching Success in Spotless Starling (Sturnus unicolor) Males

Journal of Avian Biology

Experimentally broken faecal sacs affect nest bacterial environment, development and survival of spotless starling nestlings

Microbial Ecology

Ectoparasite Activity During Incubation Increases Microbial Growth on Avian Eggs

Behavioural Ecology

Nest material preferences by spotless starlings

Journal of Ornithology

Intraspecific avian brood parasites avoid host nests infested by ectoparasites

Animal Behaviour

Telomere length and dynamics of spotless starling nestlings depend on nest-building materials used by parents


Antimicrobial Capacity of Blood Plasma is Higher in Birds Breeding in Radioactively Contaminated Area

Journal of Avian Biology

Multi-functional crest display in hoopoes Upupa epops

Science of Nature

Defenses against keratinolytic bacteria in birds living in radioactively contaminated areas

Microbial Ecology

The Microbiome of the Uropygial Secretion in Hoopoes Is Shaped Along the Nesting Phase


Nest material shapes eggs bacterial environment


Laying date, incubation and egg breakage as determinants of bacterial load on bird eggshells: experimental evidence

Applied Environmental Microbiology

Environmental factors shape the community of symbionts in the hoopoe uropygial gland more than genetic factors

Journal of Avian Biology

The mucous covering of fecal sacs prevents birds from infection with enteric bacteria

Journal of Avian Biology

The mucous covering of fecal sacs prevents birds from infection with enteric bacteria


Do climatic conditions affect host and parasite phenotypes differentially? A case study of magpies and great spotted cuckoos


Does avian conspicuous colouration increase or reduce predation risk?

FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Bacteriocins with a broader antimicrobial spectrum prevail in enterococcal symbionts isolated from the hoopoe's uropygial gland

Ibis -pdf

Avian life history traits influence eggshell bacterial loads: a comparative analysis

PLoS ONE -pdf

Antimicrobial activity and genetic profile of Enteroccoci isolated from hoopoes uropygial gland

Ecological Entomology -pdf

Female-biased size dimorphism in a diapausing caddisfly, Mesophylax aspersus. Effect of fecundity, natural and sexual selection

Danaus -pdf

El color de las mariposas

Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences -pdf

Antimicrobial chemicals in hoopoe preen secretions are produced by symbiotic bacteria

Open Ornithology, 2: 29-36 -pdf

Antibiotic-producing bacteria as a possible defence of birds against pathogenic microorganisms

Journal of Avian Biology

Bacterial diversity at the cloaca relates to an immune response in magpie Pica pica and to body condition of great spotted cuckoo Clamator glandarius nestlings

Journal of Experimental Biology -pdf

Symbiotic bacteria living in hoopoes uropygial gland prevent feather degradation

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society -pdf

Differences in intestinal microbiota between avian brood parasites and their hosts

Journal of Avian Biology -pdf

Seasonal, sexual and developmental differences in hoopoe Upupa epops preen gland morphology and secretions: evidence for a role of bacteria

Journal of Avian Biology -pdf

Bacterial diversity at the cloaca predicts immunocompetence and physical condition of magpies and great spotted cuckoo nestlings

Functional Ecology -pdf

Symbiotic association between hoopoes and antibiotic-producing bacteria that live in their uropigial gland

Freshwater Biology -pdf

Climatic conditions, diapause and migration in a troglophile caddisfly


Habitat-specific effects of a food supplementation experiment on immunocompetence in Eurasian Magpie Pica pica nestlings

Journal of Avian Biology -pdf

Relative importance of factors affecting nestling immune response differs between junior and senior nestlings within broods of hoopoes Upupa epops

Applied Environmental Microbiology -pdf

Characterization of antimicrobial substances produced by Enterococcus faecalis MRR 10-3, Isolated from the uropygial gland of the hoopoe Upupa epops

Acta Granatense -pdf

Biological quality of the water from “Sierra de Huétor Natural Park” (Granada, España) rivers



Ctra. de Sacramento s/n, La Cañada de San Urbano, 04120, Almería (Spain)

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