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 Departamento de Ecología Funcional y Evolutiva
(Functional and Evolutive Ecology Department)

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 Research interests

Everything started when my mother bought to me a Wild Life Series Book from a famous Spanish biologist, Felix Rodríguez de La Fuente. My interest for the Nature made my mother sometimes crazy, particularly when I brought home worms, caterpillar, small birds or even a young fox (with a mouth plenty of sharp teeth). Due to my life never went (is going) in a straight line, I started biology in the university when I was 22 years old. And now I am a lucky guy that can study that I love.

I am interested in the evolutive pressures that birds experience, mainly related bacteria and parasites, and how these pressures modulated and change life history traits in birds. These relationships may be very complex and bacterial communtity can play a major role in eggshell colonization, egg content infections and embryo viability. The study of bacterial community on bird eggshell in different species is an essential step to understand bird/bacteria relationship and species-specific interactions.

I am also interested in migration behavior and patterns, especially in the Straight of Gibraltar where wind is a strong handicap for soaring birds.

Education & Stays


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