Lista de videos

Moya-Laraño, J. EEZA - CSIC

Weaver, a spatially-explicit simulation platform to test eco-evolutionary hypotheses in ecological networks

Galobart, A. Catalan Institute of Paleontology

Paleontological record, or how to decide the individual and species boundaries

Melián, C. Eawag-Switzerland

Radiations and diversification in biological networks

Gómez, J.M. EEZA - CSIC

Quantification of trophic niches in generalist interactions

Clemente, S. University of Lisbon

Using Individual-based models to unravel eco-evolutionary dynamics of competing spider-mite species

Ruiz-Lupión, D. EEZA - CSIC

Implementing ecological stoichiometry in individual-based models of food webs

Franken, O. VU-University Amsterdam

Predicting food web responses to extreme climatic events

Montserrat, M. IHSM - CSIC

The beauty of applying fundamental research in real live: simulation as a tool to reduce uncertainty in biological pest control

López-Redondo, J. University of Almeria

Heuristic algorithms

Barrionuevo, G. & Bilbao-Castro, J.R. University of Almeria

The underpinnings of Weaver


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