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Benítez-López, A. , F. Casas , F. Mougeot , García, J.M. , Martín, C.A. , Tatin, L. , Wolff, A. , Viñuela, J. ,

Individual traits and extrinsic factors influence survival of the threatened pin-tailed sandgrouse (Pterocles alchata) in Europe

Biological Conservation 187: 192-200

Tarjuelo, R. , Barba, I. , Morales, M.B. , Traba, J. , Benítez-López, A. , F. Casas , Arroyo, B. , Delgado, P. , F. Mougeot ,

Effects of human activity on physiological and behavioral responses of an endangered steppe bird

Behavioural Ecology 26: 828-838

F. Casas , Benítez-López, A. , García, J.T. , Martín, C.A. , Viñuela, J. , F. Mougeot ,

Assessing short-term effects of capture, handling and tagging of Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse Pterocles alchata and P. orientalis


Martinez-Padilla J. , Perez-Rodriguez L , F. Mougeot , Ludwig S. , Redpath S.M. ,

Experimentally elevated levels of testosterone at independence reduce fitness in a territorial bird

Ecology in press

Limiñana R , Arroyo BE , Terraube J , McGrady M . , F. Mougeot ,

Key wintering areas and habitats for the near-threatened pallid harrier Circus macrourus in Africa

Oryx in press

Jovani R. , Perez-Rodriguez L. . , F. Mougeot ,

Carotenoid-based ornaments as signals of health status in birds: evidences from two galliform species, the red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) and the red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus)

Carotenoids: Food Sources, Production and Health Benefits Pp 173-198. -pdf

Jovani R. , Perez-Rodriguez L. . , F. Mougeot ,

Fractal geometry for animal biometrics

Trends in Ecology and Evolution online -pdf

Viñuela, J. , F. Casas , Díaz-Fernández, S. , Delibes-Mateos, M. , F. Mougeot , Arroyo, B. ,

La perdiz roja (Alectoris rufa) en España: especie cinegética y amenazada

Ecosistemas 22:6-12 -pdf

Arroyo, B. , Delibes-Mateos, M. , Caro, J. , Estrada, A. , F. Mougeot , Díaz-Fernández, S. , F. Casas , Viñuela, J. ,

Efecto de la gestión para las especies de caza menor sobre la fauna no cinegética

Ecosistemas 22: 27-32 -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J , Redapth S. , Zeineddine M . , F. Mougeot ,

Insights into population ecology from long-term studies of red grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus

Journal of Animal Ecology online -pdf

Luque-Larena JJ . , F. Mougeot , Viñuela J , Jareño D , Arroyo L , Lambin X , Arroyo BE ,

Recent large-scale range expansion and outbreaks of the common vole (Microtus arvalis) in NW Spain

Basic and Applied Ecology online -pdf

F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Ferrero, M.E. , Sánchez-Barbudo, I. , Dávila, J.A. , Viñuela, J. ,

Phenotypic differences in body size, body condition and circulating carotenoids between hybrid and “pure” red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) in the wild

Journal of Ornithology online -pdf

F. Mougeot , Gerrard J. , Dzus E. , Arroyo B.E. , Gerrard P.N. , Dzus C. , Bortolotti G. ,

Population trends and reproduction of bald eagles at Besnard Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 1968-2012

Journal of Raptor Research 47: 96-107. -pdf

Arroyo B.E. , F. Mougeot , Bretagnolle V. ,

Characteristics and sexual functions of sky-dancing displays in a semi-colonial raptor, the Montagu´s harrier Circus pygargus

Journal of Raptor Research 47: 185-196. -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J. , F. Mougeot , Garcia J.T. , Arroyo B.E. , Bortolotti G.R. ,

Feather corticosterone levels and carotenoid-based coloration in common buzzard (Buteo buteo) nestlings

Journal of Raptor Research 47: 161-173. -pdf

Perez-Rodriguez L. . , Jovani R. , F. Mougeot ,

Fractal geometry of a complex plumage trait reveals bird's quality

280: 1755 -pdf

Jareño D. , Viñuela J. , Luque-Larena JJ. , Arroyo L. , Arroyo B. . , F. Mougeot ,

A comparison of methods for estimating common vole (Microtus arvalis) abundance in agricultural habitats

Ecological indicators online -pdf

Wenzel M.A. , Webster L.M.I. , Paterson S. , F. Mougeot , Martinez-Padilla J. , Piertney S.B. ,

A transcriptomic investigation of handicap models in sexual selection

Behavioral Ecology & Sociobology online -pdf

Lopez-Antia A. , Ortiz-Santaliestra M.E. , F. Mougeot , Mateo R. ,

Experimental exposure of red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) to seeds coated with imidacloprid, thiram and difenoconazole

online -pdf

F. Casas , Arroyo, B. , F. Mougeot , Viñuela, J. ,

Claves para una gestión agraria enfocada a la conservación de la perdiz roja

Seminario Nacional de Perdices FEDENCA

Sternalski A . , F. Mougeot , Bretagnolle V. ,

Phenotypic variation in nestlings of a bird of prey under contrasting breeding and diet conditions

107: 799–812 -pdf

Cardador, L. , Bota, G. , Giralt, D. , F. Casas , Arroyo, B. , Cantero, C. , F. Mougeot , Viladomiu, L. , Moncunill, J. , Brontons, L. ,

Aves amenazadas y agricultura: nuevas aproximaciones en las estrategias de conservación

Lychnos 9: 33-39 -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J , Vergara P , F. Mougeot , Redpath SM ,

Parasitized mates increase infection risk for partners

American Naturalist 179: 811-820. -pdf

Vergara P , Redapth SM , Martinez-Padilla J. , F. Mougeot ,

Environmental conditions influence red grouse ornamentation at a population level

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107: 788-798 -pdf

Alonso-Alvarez, C. , Pérez-Rodríguez, L. , Ferrero, E. , García de Blas, E. , F. Casas , F. Mougeot ,

Adjustment of female reproductive investment according to male carotenoid-based ornamentation in a gallinaceous bird

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 66: 731-744 -pdf

Sternalski A. , F. Mougeot , Perez-Rodriguez L. , Bretagnolle V. ,

Carotenoid limitation, integumentary coloration and immune responsiveness in the nestlings of a sexually dimorphic bird of prey

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 85: 364-375 -pdf

Terraube J. , Arroyo B.E. , Bragin A , Bragin E. , F. Mougeot ,

Ecological factors influencing the breeding distribution and success of a nomadic, specialist predator

Biodiversity and Conservation 21: 1835-1852 -pdf

F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Sánchez-Barbudo, I , Dávila, J.A. , Viñuela, J. ,

Fitness consequences of anthropogenic hybridization in wild red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa, Phasianidae) populations

Biological Invasions 14: 295–305 -pdf

Paz A. , Jareño D. , Arroyo L. , Viñuela J. , Arroyo B.E. , F. Mougeot , Luque-Larena J.J. , Fargallo J.A. ,

Avian predators as a biological control system of common vole (Microtus arvalis) populations in NW Spain: experimental set-up and preliminary results

Pest Management Science online -pdf

Vergara P. , F. Mougeot , Martinez-Padilla J. , Leckie F. , Redpath S. M. ,

The condition-dependence of a secondary sexual trait is stronger under high parasite infection level

Behavioral Ecology 23: 502-511 -pdf

F. Mougeot , Galvan I. , Alonso-Alvarez, C. ,

Contrasted effects of an oxidative challenge and a-melanocyte stimulating hormone on cellular immune responsiveness: an experiment with red-legged partridges Alectoris rufa

Oecologia 169: 385-394 -pdf

Sternalski A . , F. Mougeot , Bretagnolle V. ,

Adaptive significance of permanent female mimicry in a bird of prey

Biology Letters 8: 167-170 -pdf

Vergara P , Martinez-Padilla J , F. Mougeot , Leckie F , Redpath S. ,

Environmental heterogeneity influences the reliability of secondary sexual traits as condition indicators

Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25: 20-28 -pdf

Sternalski A. , F. Mougeot , Bretagnolle V. ,

Carotenoid limitation and allocation priorities in asynchronous raptor nestlings

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 105: 13-24. -pdf

Terraube J . , F. Mougeot , Cornulier T , Verma A , Gavrilov A , Arroyo, B. ,

Broad wintering range and intercontinental migratory divide within a core population of the near threatened pallid harrier

Diversity and Distributions 18: 401-409 -pdf

Garcia JT , Alda F , Terraube J. , F. Mougeot , Sternalski A , Bretagnolle V. , Arroyo B.E. ,

Demographic history, genetic structure and gene flow in a steppe-associated raptor species

BMC Evolutionary Biology 11: 333. -pdf

Barker FK , et al. , F. Mougeot , et al. ,

Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 June 2011–31 July 2011

Molecular Ecology Resources 11: 1124-1126 -pdf

Vergara P. , Martinez-Padilla J. , Redpath S. . , F. Mougeot ,

The ornament-condition relationship varies with parasite abundance at population level in a female bird

Naturwissenchaften 98: 897-902 -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J. , Vergara P. , Perez-Rodriguez L. , F. Mougeot , F. Casas , Luwing SC. , Haines JA. , Zeineddine M. , Redpath SM. ,

Condition- and parasite-dependent expression of a male-like trait in a female bird

Biology Letters 7: 364-367 -pdf

Perez-Rodriguez L. , F. Mougeot , Bortolotti GR ,

The effects of preen oils and soiling on the UV-visible coloration of carotenoid-pigmented feathers

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65: 1425-1435. -pdf

Jovani R. , Blas J. , Navarro C. . , F. Mougeot ,

Feather growth bands and photoperiod

Journal of Avian Biology 41: 1-5 -pdf

Webster LMI. , Paterson S. . , F. Mougeot , Martinez-Padilla J. , Pierteny SB. ,

Transcriptomic response of red grouse to gastro-intestinal nematode parasites and testosterone: implications for population dynamics

Molecular Ecology 20: 920–931 -pdf

Benítez-López A. . , F. Mougeot , Martín CA , F. Casas , Calero-Riestra M , García JT , Viñuela J ,

An improved night-lighting technique for the selective capture of sandgrouses and other steppe birds

European Journal of Wildlife Research 57: 389-393 -pdf

Webster LMI, , Mello M, . , F. Mougeot , Martinez-Padilla J, , Paterson S, , Piertney SB ,

Identification of genes responding to nematode infection in red grouse

Molecular Ecology Resources 11: 305–313 -pdf

Terraube J. , Arroyo B.E. , Madders M . , F. Mougeot ,

Diet specialisation and foraging efficiency under fluctuating food abundance in sympatric avian predators

Oikos 120: 234–244 -pdf

F. Mougeot , J. Garcia . , J. Viñuela . ,

Breeding biology, behaviour, diet and conservation of the Red Kite (Milvus milvus), with particular emphasis on Mediterranean populations

Ecology and conservation of European dwelling forest raptors and owls (eds I. Zuberogoitia y J.E. Martínez) .. -pdf

Brotons L. , Bota, G. , Giralt D. , Arroyo, B. , F. Mougeot , Cantero C. , Viladomiu L. ,

“A step forward". Economically viable farming and conservation of threatened bird species.

Lychnos 3: 29-33 -pdf

Viñuela J. , Luque JJ , Fargallo JA , Olea P , Paz A. . , F. Mougeot ,

Conflictos entre la agricultura y la conservación de la biodiversidad. Las plaguas de topillos en Castilla y León

In: Agricultura Familiar en España, (Eds: Fundación de Estudios Rurales, Unión de Pequeños Agricultores y Ganaderos). pp. 199-206 -pdf

Terraube J. , F. Mougeot , Arroyo, B. , E. Braguin ,

Naurzum, una reserva excepcional para las rapaces

Aves y Naturaleza 2: 26-31

F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Vinuela J ,

Occurrence of common quail Coturnix coturnix eggs in red-legged partridge Alectoris rufa nests

Bird Study 57: 560-562 -pdf

Martin C. , F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Garcia JT , Vinuela J. ,

Seasonal variations in habitat preferences of the pin-tailed sandgrouse in agrarian pseudo-steppes

Ardeola 57: 191-198 -pdf

Perez-Rodriguez L. , F. Mougeot , Alonso-Alvarez, C. ,

Carotenoid-based coloration predicts resistance to oxidative stress during immune response.

Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 1685-1690 -pdf

Martin C. , F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Garcia JT. , Vinuela J. ,

Positive interactions between vulnerable species in agrarian pseudo-steppes: habitat use by pin-tailed sandgrouse depends on its association with little bustard

Animal Conservation 13: 383-389 -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J. . , F. Mougeot , Webster L. , Perez-Rodriguez L. , Piertney SB. ,

Testing the interactive effects of testosterone and parasites on carotenoid-based ornamentation in a wild bird.

Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 902-913 -pdf

F. Mougeot , J. Martinez-Padilla , G. Bortolotti , L. Webster , S. Piertney ,

Physiological stress links parasites to carotenoid-based color signals

Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 643-650 -pdf

F. Mougeot , J. Martinez-Padilla , JD Blount , L. Perez-Rodriguez , LMI. Webster , SB Piertney ,

Oxidative stress and the effect of parasites on a bird carotenoid-based ornament

Journal of Experimental Biology 213: 400-407 -pdf

J. Terraube , Arroyo, B.E. , F. Mougeot , T. Katzner , E. Braguin ,

Breeding biology of the Montagu's harrier (Circus pygargus) in north-central Kazakhstan

Journal of Ornithology 151: 713–722 -pdf

Sternalski A. . , F. Mougeot , Eraud C, Gangloff B, Villers A, Bretagnolle V. ,

Carotenoids in nestling Montagu´s harrier: variations according to age, sex, condition and evidence for diet-related limitations.

Journal of Comparative Physiology -B 180: 33-43 -pdf

Arroyo, B. , Pinilla A. , F. Mougeot , Cristal F. , Guerrero A. ,

Estudio de la ecologia poblacional del aguilucho cenizo Circus pygargus en Extremadura.

Servicio de Conservación de la Naturaleza y Espacios Naturales Protegidos, Junta de Extremadura pp 1-52 -pdf

F. Casas , F. Mougeot , Vinuela J. ,

Double nesting behaviour and differences between sexes in breeding success in wild Red-legged Partridges Alectoris rufa

Ibis 151: 743-751 -pdf

Pinilla A. , Cristal F. , F. Mougeot , Arroyo, B. ,

Estrategia de alimentacion del aguilucho cenizo

In: Conservación y Situación Poblacional de los Aguiluchos en Eurasia Pp 51-60

Terraube J. , Arroyo, B. , F. Mougeot , Madders M. , Braguin E. ,

Interacciones entre estrategias de reproducción y trofica en dos especies de rapaces simpátricas: los aguiluchos papialbo (Circus macrourus) y cenizo (Circus pygargus) en el norte de Kazajstán

In: Conservación y Situación Poblacional de los Aguiluchos en Eurasia Pp 81-89

Arroyo, B. , Pinilla A. , F. Mougeot , Cristal F. , Guerrero A. , Palacios M-J. ,

Selección de hábitat y zonas de caza del aguilucho cenizo en Extremadura: implicaciones para la conservación

In: Conservación y Situación Poblacional de los Aguiluchos en Eurasia Pp 51-60

F. Mougeot , Arroyo, B. ,

Ecología comportamental del aguilucho cenizo: colonialismo y comportamiento social

In: Conservación y Situación Poblacional de los Aguiluchos en Eurasia pp 81-89.

F. Casas , F. Mougeot , J. Viñuela , V. Bretagnolle ,

Effects of hunting on the behaviour and spatial distribution of farmland birds: importance of hunting-free refuges in agricultural areas

Animal Conservation 12: 346-354 -pdf

GR Bortolotti , F. Mougeot , J. Martinez-Padilla , L Webster , S Piertney ,

Physiological stress mediates the honesty of social signals

PLoS ONE 4: e4983 -pdf

Terraube J. , Arroyo, B. , F. Mougeot , Madders M. , Watson J. , Braguin E. ,

Breeding biology of the pallid harrier Circus macrourus in north-central Kazakhstan: implications for the conservation of a near-endangered species

Oryx 43: 104-112 -pdf

F. Mougeot , Perez-Rodriguez, L. , Sumozas, N. , Terraube, J. ,

Parasites, condition, immune responsiveness and carotenoid-based ornamentation in male red-legged partridge Alectoris rufa

Journal of Avian Biology 40: 67-74 -pdf

F. Mougeot , Martinez-Padilla, J. , Webster, L.M.I. , Blount, J.D. , Perez-Rodriguez, L. , Piertney, S.B. ,

Honest sexual signaling mediated by parasite and testosterone effects on oxidative balance

Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences 276: 1096-1100 -pdf

F. Mougeot ,

Ornamental comb colour predicts cell-mediated immunity in male red grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus.

Naturwissenschaften 95: 125-132 -pdf

F. Mougeot , , Moseley M, Leckie F, Martinez-Padilla J, Miller A, Pounds M, Irvine RJ ,

Reducing tick burdens on chicks by treating breeding hen grouse with permethrin.

Journal of Wildlife Management 72:468-472 -pdf

Piertney SB, Lambin X, McColl A, Lock K, Bacon P, Dallas J, Leckie F, , , F. Mougeot , Racey P, Redpath SM, Moss R ,

Changes in kin structure and aggressiveness as a mechanism driving unstable population dynamics in a territorial bird

Molecular Ecology 17, 2544-2551. -pdf

Perez-Rodriguez L. . , F. Mougeot , Alsonso-Alvarez C, Blas J, Viñuela J, Bortolotti GR ,

Cell-mediated immune activation rapidely decreases plasma carotenoid levels.

Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 2155-2161. -pdf

F. Casas , J. Vinuela , F. Mougeot ,

Biologia reproductiva de la perdiz roja en el campo de Calatrava

Miguelturra en red 8: 94-103 -pdf

V. Bretagnolle , F. Mougeot , J. C. Thibault ,

Density dependence in a recovering osprey population: demographic and behavioural processes

Journal of Animal Ecology 77: 998-1007 -pdf

Martinez-Padilla J . , F. Mougeot , Perez-Rodriguez L, Bortolotti GR ,

Nematode parasites reduce carotenoid-based signalling in male red grouse.

Biology Letters 3: 161-164. -pdf

F. Mougeot , , Martinez-Padilla J, Perez-Rodriguez L, Bortolotti GR ,

Carotenoid-based coloration and ultraviolet reflectance of the sexual ornaments of grouse.

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61: 741-751. -pdf

F. Mougeot , , Perez-Rodriguez L, Martinez-Padilla J, Redpath S, Leckie F ,

Parasites, testosterone and honest carotenoid-based signaling of health.

Functional Ecology 21: 886-898. -pdf


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