Publications of the Group Functional ecology

[Listado completo de publicaciones del grupo]

Kikvidze, Z. , Brooker, R.W. , Butterfield, B.J. , Callaway, R.M. , Cavieres, L.A. , Cook, B.J. , Lortie, C.J. , Michalet, R. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Xiao, S. , Anthelme, F. , Björk, R.G. , Cranston, B.H. , Gavilán, R.G. , Kanka, R. , Lingua, E. , Maalouf, J.-P. , Noroozi, J. , Parajuli, R. , Phoenix, G.K. , Reid, A. , Ridenour, W.M. , Rixen, C. , C. Schöb ,

The effects of foundation species on community assembly: A global study on alpine cushion plant communities

Ecology 96 (8) pp. 2064-2069.

C. Schöb , Michalet, R. , Cavieres, L.A. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Brooker, R.W. , Butterfield, B.J. , Cook, B.J. , Kikvidze, Z. , Lortie, C.J. , Xiao, S. , Al Hayek, P. , Anthelme, F. , Cranston, B.H. , García, M. , Le Bagousse-Pinguet, Y. , Reid, A.M. , le Roux, P.C. , Lingua, E. , Nyakatya, M.J. , Touzard, B. , Zhao, L. , Callaway, R.M. ,

A global analysis of bidirectional interactions in alpine plant communities shows facilitators experiencing strong reciprocal fitness costs

New Phytologist 202 (1) pp. 95-105

Bucheli P , Benjamin T , Rusch GM , Ibrahim M , Casals P , Sánchez D , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Estrategias de los árboles para el uso eficiente del agua y tolerancia a la sequía en sistemas silvopastoriles

Agrosforestería en las Américas 50: 53-84 -pdf

Albornoz, F.E. , Gaxiola, A. , Seaman, B.J. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Armesto, J.J. ,

Nucleation-driven regeneration promotes post-fire recovery in a Chilean temperate forest

Plant Ecology 214(5):765-776

S. Hortal , Bastida F , M.Y. Lozano , Armas, C. , Moreno JL , , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Soil microbial community under a nurse-plant species changes in composition, biomass and activity as the nurse grows

Soil Biology and Biochemistry 64: 139-146 -pdf

Albornoz FE , Gaxiola, A , Seaman BJ , Pugnaire, F.I. , Armesto JJ ,

Nucleation-driven regeneration promotes post-fire recovery in a Chilean temperate forest

Plant Ecology in press

Prieto, I. , Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Redistribución del agua del suelo por las plantas

Quercus 330: 36-44

P.E. Villagra , P.A. Meglioli , Pugnaire, F.I. , Vidal, B. , J. Aranibar , E. Jobbágy ,

La regulación de la partición del agua en zonas áridas y sus consecuencias en la productividad y disponibilidad de agua para los habitantes

Ed. Proagua, Valdivia, Chile

C. Schöb , Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Direct and indirect interactions co-determine species composition in nurse plant systems

Oikos 122: 1371–1379 -pdf

Butterfield B. , Cavieres L. , Callaway R.M. , Cook B. , Kikvidze, Z. , Lortie C. , , Pugnaire, F.I. , C. Schöb , et al. ,

Alpine cushion plants inhibit the loss of phylogenetic diversity in severe environments

Ecology Letters 16: 478–486 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Mattingly, W.B. , Swedo, B.L. , Clay, K. , Reynolds, H.L. ,

Negative plant-soil feedbacks dominate seedling competitive interactions of North American successional grassland species

Journal of Vegetation Science 23(4):667-676

P. Macek , Pugnaire, F.I. , Klimeš L. ,

Uphill plant migration in the Himalayas

in press

C. Schöb , Butterfield B.J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Foundation species influence trait-based community assembly

New Phytologist in press

Prieto, I. , Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Hydraulic lift promotes selective root foraging in nutrient rich soil patches

Functional Plant Biology 39: 804-812 -pdf

Prieto, I. , Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Water release through plant roots: new insights into its consequences at the plant and ecosystem level

New Phytologist 193: 830–841 (Tansley Review) -pdf

C. Schöb , Kammer, P.M. , Kikvidze, Z. ,

Combining observational and experimental methods in plant-plant interaction research

Plant Ecology & Diversity in press

Martínez L.B. , Miranda, J.D. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Impacts of changing rainfall patterns on mycorrhizal status of a shrub from arid environments

European Journal of Soil Biology 50: 64-67

Querejeta, JI , Egerton-Warburton, LM , Prieto, I. , Vargas, R , Allen, MF ,

Changes in soil hyphal abundance and viability can alter the patterns of hydraulic redistribution by plant roots

Plant and Soil In Press

Armas, C. , Kim, J.H. , Bleby, T.M. , Jackson, R.B. ,

The effect of hydraulic lift on organic matter decomposition, soil nitrogen cycling, and nitrogen acquisition by a grass species

Oecologia 168: 11-22 -pdf

Martínez L.B. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi host preference and site effects in two plant species in a semiarid environment

Applied Soil Ecology (en prensa)

Cortina, J. , Amat, B. , Castillo, V. , Fuentes, D. , Maestre, F.T. , Padilla, F.M. , Rojo, L. ,

The restoration of vegetation cover in the semi-arid Iberian southeast

Journal of Arid Environments 75(12):1377-1384

Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Plant neighbour identity matters to belowground interactions under controlled conditions

PLoS ONE 6: e27791 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Valladares, F. , Armas, C. , Miranda, J.D. ,

Integrated paper sensors for quantification of photosynthetically active radiation.

Prometheus Wiki. CSIRO. Australia -pdf

Armas, C. , Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Special issue: The Iberian Southeast. Editorial

Journal of Arid Environments 75: 1241–1243 -pdf

Prieto, I. , Padilla, F.M. , Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

The role of hydraulic lift on seedling establishment under a nurse plant species in a semi-arid environment

Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 13: 181– 187 -pdf

Armas, C. , Rodríguez-Echeverría, S. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

A field test of the stress-gradient hypothesis along an aridity gradient

Journal of Vegetation Science 22: 818–827 -pdf

Miranda, J.D. , Armas, C. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Climatic change and rainfall patterns: effects on semiarid plant communities of the Iberian Southeast

Journal of Arid Environments 75: 1302-1309 -pdf

Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Belowground zone of influence in a tussock grass species

Acta Oecologica 37: 284-289 -pdf

Pugnaire, F.I. , Armas, C. , Maestre F.T. ,

Positive plant interactions in the Iberian Southeast: mechanisms, environmental gradients, and ecosystem function

Journal of Arid Environments 75: 1310-1320 -pdf

Kikvidze, Z. , Michalet R. , Brooker, R.W. , Cavieres LA. , Lortie C.J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Climatic drivers of plant-plant interactions and diversity in alpine communities

Alpine Botany 121: 63–70 -pdf

Martínez L.B. , Armas, C. , Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Shrubs influence arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi communities in a semiarid environment

Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43: 682-689 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Miranda, J.D. , Ortega, R. , Hervás, M. , Sánchez, J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Does shelter enhance early seedling survival in dry environments? A test with eight Mediterranean species

Applied Vegetation Science 14:31 39 -pdf

Kikvidze, Z. , Armas, C. , Fukuda, K. , Martínez L.B. , Miyata, M. , Oda-Tanaka, A. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Wu, B. ,

The role of arbuscular mycorrhizae in primary succession: Differences and similarities across habitats

Web Ecology 10: 50-57 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Vidal, B. , Sánchez, J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Land use changes and carbon sequestration through the twentieth century in a Mediterranean mountain ecosystem: Implications for land management

Journal of Environmental Management 91: 2688-2695 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Consejos para reforestar en zonas áridas. Nuevo paradigma para restaurar la vegetación.

Quercus 294: 30-35

Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Martínez-Vilalta, J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Woody species of a semiarid community are only moderately resistant to cavitation

Functional Plant Biology 37: 828–839 -pdf

Prieto, I. , Martínez-Tillería, K , Martínez-Manchego, L , Montecinos, S , Pugnaire, F.I. , Squeo, F.A ,

Hydraulic lift through transpiration suppression in shrubs from two arid ecosystems: patterns and control mechanisms

Oecologia 163: 855-865 -pdf

Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Positive Plant Interactions and Community Dynamics. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA


Kikvidze, Z. , Armas, C. ,

Plant interaction indices based on experimental performance data. In: Positive Plant Interactions and Community Dynamics (F.I. Pugnaire, ed.), pp. 17-37. BBVA Foundation & CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Prieto, I. , Kikvidze, Z. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Hydraulic lift: soil processes and transpiration in the Mediterranean leguminous shrub Retama sphaerocarpa (L.) Boiss

Plant and Soil 329: 447-456

Armas, C. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Jackson, R.B. ,

Hydraulic lift and tolerance to salinity of semiarid species: consequences for species interactions

Oecologia 162:11-21 -pdf

Pugnaire, F.I. , Lázaro,R. ,

La vegetación de las zonas áridas de Andalucía

Proyecto Andalucía. Naturaleza: Ecología Vol. 30: 205-226

Miranda, J.D. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Cambio climático y patrones de precipitación: Manipulación experimental de la vegetación a largo plazo

Predicciones de Cambio Climático y Vegetación (G. Fernández. M.J. Estrela, J. Meliá, eds.) pp. 73-93. Universidad de Valencia, Valencia

Martínez L.B. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Interacciones entre las comunidades de hongos formadores de micorrizas arbusculares y de plantas. Algunos ejemplos en los ecosistemas semiáridos

Ecosistemas 18: 44-54 -pdf

Brooker, R.W. , Callaway, R. M. , Cavieres L , Kikvidze Z , Lortie CJ , Michalet R , Pugnaire, F.I. , Valiente-Banuet A , Whitham TG ,

Don't Diss Integration: A comment on Ricklefs' disintegrating communities

American Naturalist 174: 919-927 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Miranda, J.D. , Jorquera, M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Variability in amount and frequency of water supply affects roots but not growth of arid shrubs

Plant Ecology 204: 261-270 -pdf

Armas, C. , Kikvidze, Z. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Abiotic conditions, neighbour interactions, and the distribution of Stipa tenacissima in a semiarid mountain range

Journal of Arid Environments 73: 1084–1089 -pdf

Pakeman, R. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Michalet, R. , Lortie, C. , Schiffers, K. , Maestre, F.T. , Travis, J. ,

Is the cask of facilitation ready for bottling? A symposium on the connectivity and future directions of positive plant interactions in ecology

Biology Letters 5: 577-679

Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Response of a Mediterranean semiarid community to changing patterns of water supply

Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 11: 255-266

Marañón, T. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Callaway, R.M. ,

Mediterranean-climate oak savannas: the interplay between abiotic environment and species interactions

Web Ecology 9: 30-43 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Ortega, R. , Sánchez, J. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Rethinking species selection for restoration of arid shrublands

Basic and Applied Ecology 10: 640-647 -pdf

Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Ontogenetic shifts in interactions of two dominant shrub species in a semi-arid coastal sand dune system

Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 535–546 -pdf

Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Lázaro,R. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Do changes in rainfall patterns affect semiarid annual plant communities?

Journal of Vegetation Science 20: 269-276

Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Species identity and water availability determine establishment success under the canopy of Retama sphaerocarpa shrubs in a dry environment

Restoration Ecology 17: 900-907 -pdf

Miranda, J.D. ,

Cambio climático y patrones de precipitación: efecto sobre las comunidades vegetales semiáridas

Ecosistemas 17(3): 161-165 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. ,

Factores limitantes y estrategias de establecimiento de plantas leñosas en ambientes semiáridos. Implicaciones para la restauración

Ecosistemas 17(1): 155-159 -pdf

Kikvidze, Z. , Moya-Laraño, J. ,

Unexpected failures of recommended tests in basic statistical analyses of ecological data

Web Ecology 8:67-73 -pdf

Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Sala, O.E. ,

Patch structure dynamics and mechanisms of cyclical succession in a Patagonian steppe (Argentina)

Journal of Arid Environments 72: 1552-1561, DOI:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2008.03.002 -pdf

Brooker, R.W., Maeestre, F.T. , Callaway, R.M., Lortie, C.L. , Cavieres, L.A., Kunstler, G. , Liancourt; P., Tielborger, K. , Travis, J.M.J., Anthelme, F. , Armas, C. , Coll, L., Corcket, E. , Delzon, S., Forey, S. , Kikvidze, Z. , Olofsson, J. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Quiroz, C.L., Saccone, P. , Schiffers, K., Seifan, M. , Touzard, B. , Michalet, R. ,

Facilitation in plant communities: the past, the present, and the future

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Early root growth plasticity in seedlings of three Mediterranean woody species

Plant and Soil 296: 103-113 -pdf

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Facilitation in plant communities

En 'Functional Plant Ecology' (F. I. Pugnaire & F. Valladares, eds.) pp 435-455. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA.

Pugnaire, F.I. , Valladares, F. (eds.) ,

Functional Plant Ecology

CRC Press Boca Raton, FL, USA -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Rooting depth and soil moisture control Mediterranean woody seedling survival during drought

Functional Ecology 21: 489-495 -pdf

Reinhart, K.O. , Gurnee, J. , Tirado, R. , Callaway, R.M. ,

Invasion through quantitative effects: Intense shade drives native decline and invasive success


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Evolutionary changes in correlations among functional traits in Ceanothus in response to Mediterranean conditions

Web Ecology 6: 17-26 -pdf

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Do biotic interactions shape both sides of the humped-back model of species richness in plant communities?

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The role of nurse plants in the restoration of degraded environments

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4: 196-202 -pdf

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Seasonal shifts in competition and facilitation in subalpine plant communities of the central Caucasus

Journal of Vegetation Science 17 77-82 -pdf

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Colonization processes in semi-arid Mediterranean old-fields

Journal of Arid Environments 65: 591-603. -pdf

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The effect of initial biomass in manipulative experiments on plants

Functional Ecology 20:1-3. -pdf

Armas, C. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Plant interactions govern population dynamics in a semiarid plant community

Journal of Ecology 93: 978-989. -pdf

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Small-scale guild proportions and niche complementarity in a Caucasian subalpine hay meadow

Journal of Vegetation Science 16: 565-570 -pdf

Tirado, R. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Community structure and positive interactions in constraining environments

Oikos 111: 437-444 -pdf

Kikvidze, Z. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Brooker, R.W. , Choler, P. , Lortie, C.J. , Michalet, R. , Callaway, R.M. ,

Linking patterns and processes in alpine plant communities: a global study

Ecology 86 (6): 1395-1400 -pdf

Brooker, R.W. , Kikvidze, Z. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Callaway, R.M. , Choler, P. , Lortie, C.J. , Michalet, R. ,

The importance of importance

Oikos 109: 63-70 -pdf

Badano, E.I. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Invasion of Agave species (Agavaceae) in south-east Spain: Invader demographic parameters and impacts on native species

Diversity and Distributions 10(5-6):493-500

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El microrriego, una técnica de restauración de la cubierta vegetal para ambientes semiáridos

Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales 17: 109-112 -pdf

Armas, C. ,

Balance de la interacción entre plantas superiores en ambientes semiáridos: mecanismos y procesos

Ecosistemas 03/04. -pdf

Lortie, C.J. , Brooker, R.W. , Kikvidze, Z. , Callaway, R.M. ,

The value of stress and limitation in an imperfect world: a reply to Körner

Journal of Vegetation Science 15: 577-580 -pdf

Lortie, C. , Brooker, R.W. , Choler, P. , Kikvidze, Z. , Michalet, R. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Callaway, R.M. ,

Rethinking plant community theory

Oikos 107: 433-438 -pdf

Badano, E. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Invasion of agaves in southeast Spain: invader demographic parameters and impacts on native species

Diversity and Distributions 10: 493-500 -pdf

Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. , Marín, R. , Hervás, M. , Ortega, R. ,

El uso de especies arbustivas para la restauración de la cubierta vegetal en ambientes semiáridos

Cuadernos de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestales 17: 103-107 -pdf

Miranda, J.D. , Padilla, F.M. , Pugnaire, F.I. ,

Sucesión y restauración en ambientes semiáridos

Ecosistemas 1/04 (URL: http// -pdf

Pugnaire, F.I. , Armas, C. , Valladares, F. ,

Soil as a mediator in plant-plant interactions in a semi-arid community

Journal of Vegetation Science 15: 85-92. -pdf

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Lagunas de Sierra Nevada: Un sin fin de historias y leyendas

Acta Granatense 2(3-4): 145-152 -pdf

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Las interacciones entre plantas en ambientes mediterráneos

La Tierra 60 (Supl.): 9-11.

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Spatial shrub aggregation and consequences for reproductive success

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The ratio of leaf to total photosynthetic area influences shade survival and plastic response to light of green-stem leguminous shrub seedlings

Annals of Botany 91: 577-584 -pdf

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Interacciones entre plantas de alta montaña

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Enhancing the early performance of the leguminous shrub Retama sphaerocarpa (L.) Boiss.: fertilisation versus Rhizobium inoculation

Plant and Soil 240: 253-262 -pdf

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Positive interactions among alpine plants increases with stress: a global experiment

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Plant and Soil 240: 343-352. -pdf

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Changes in plant interactions along a gradient of environmental stress

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Variability of inorganic nutrient concentrations in leaves

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Stress resistance strategy in an arid land shrub: Interactions between developmental instability and fractal dimension

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Plant functional types and ecosystem function in Mediterranean shrubland

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Tradeoffs between irradiance capture and avoidance in semi-arid environments assessed with a crown architecture model

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